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  • Aromatherapy Training Program:  September 7-16 (meets: two 3-Day weekends), Comprehensive Training + Sensory Bliss!, Learn: 125 oils, make 20+ products + we'll be distilling our own essential oils in class!
  • Pampered Goddess Detox:  Sept 26-Oct 17, 3-Week Self-Nurturing Ayurvedic Cleanse, Online, 4  Wednesday evenings
  • Japanese Zen Cooking Immersion:  Learn the Art of Zen Cooking with Naoko Moller, Sept 26-30, 1-6:30pm


  • Panchakarma Immersion Program:  Oct 10-14, Nourish Your Inner Goddess!  Receive 5 Days of PK while you get PK certified!
  • Yoga Lifestyle Program: Oct 23-Jan 15, 90-Day Lifestyle Uplevel, Online 12 Tuesdays, 10-11:30am
  • Ayurvedic Cooking Immersion (Nourishing Foods Immersion):   (Vata Reducing foods, recipes, spices), Oct 24-28, 1-6:30pm, Drop into one immersion, or take all three to get your Ayurvedic Chef certificate! 

2018 Programs & Workshops: