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Evolutionary Education

 for Personal, Professional & Planetary Transformation

 Upcoming Programs and Workshops ~

Online and Live Formats Available...

Intro to Ayurveda Workshop

February 9-23, 2017

Meets Three Thursday nights

Cost: $108  -  Early Registration Saves $!

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Ayurvedic Internship Program

"Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Know-How"

February 28-July 7, 2017

Deadline:  February 10, 2017

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Self-Care & Cooking Immersion

3-Days: Ayurveda, Yoga, Food Fun!

Friday-Sunday:  March 10-12, 2017

Cost: $250-$300 - Early Registration SAVES $! 

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Ayurvedic Cooking Immersion

Become an Ayurvedic Chef!

Enjoy multi-course meals daily!

June 7-11, 2017 / Deadline: June 5th, SAVE $100 by May 10

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Panchakarma Therapist Program

Give & Receive 5-Day PK!

Fine-tune Your Skills!

July 31-September 1, 2017,   Deadline: July 7, 2017

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Introduction to Ayurveda

January 30 - February 13, 2018

Meets Three Tuesday nights

Cost: $108  -  Early Registration Saves $!

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Aromatherapy Training Program

Hands-on Essential Oils Training, Distillation, & DIY Immersion 

March 16-18, & March 30-April 1, 2018 / Deadline: March 1, 2018

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Ayurvedic Living Program / Ayurvedic Practitioner Program

Nationally Registered Programs

10-Months (+optional 6-Month Internship)

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Ayurvedic Massage Program

Combining Ayurvedic Massage, Marma Points, Herbs, and Essential Oils

Meets: three 5-day sessions

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NIA Graduate - Anne Hofweber

"To say that the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda has transformed my life would be an understatement... under Traci Webb's consultation guidance, I found a state of overall health that was better than ever before...I came to Ayurveda broken, fragile and scared. I emerged happy, healthy and confident. From the bottom of my heart, I highly recommend all of the NIA programs." more...

NIA Graduate - Kristen Miller

"Ayurveda has been one of the most powerful life changing healing modalities I have known...The Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner Program at the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda was phenomenal! There are many ways Ayurveda has helped me be more in balance. One of the most profound healing experiences I had was after my first year of studying Ayurveda, it was recommended that I do asthma has never given me problems since! " more...