Heal Yourself +

Create a Conscious 

Career You're 100%

in Love with!


9-Month Self-Healing Journey!

For the Ayurveda Enthusiast

Wanting to Take Ayurveda Deeper

Covers 4 Pillars of Health:

Nutrition, Lifestyle, Mindset & Habit Change! 

2 Career Path Options:

"Ayurvedic Health Counselor"

Upon completion of our "Ayurvedic Living Program", students are eligible to apply for their national "Ayurvedic Health Counselor" practitioner level certificate from the National Ayurvedic Medical Association.  This program meets or exceeds national Ayurveda educational standards.

"Ayurvedic Pracitioner"

Upon completion of our "Ayurvedic Living Program", you're eligible to apply for our Ayurvedic Practitioner Program which is level 2 of our 2-Part Ayurvedic Practitioner Program.

2-Part Ayurvedic Practitioner Program


Includes: disease assessment skills, traditional ayurveda imbalance management, panchakarma detoxification, herbal formulations, medicine making, counseling skills and clinical internship experience.

*Meets or exceeds national Ayurveda educational standards including NAMA and AAPNA.

PREREQUSITE:  Ayurvedic Living Program

Official Start Date:  June 5, Prerequisite starts May 26

Part 1:

Ayurvedic Living Program

You're a creative, health conscious person who is ready to optimize your health, happiness, income & impact!  You're ready to leap into a new way of life & create a lucrative conscious career you're 100% in love with!


"Thanks for your care, I feel better than I ever thought possible".

"Not only am I feeling amazing, but my whole family is too!  Thank you for all your support and guidance."  

"Thank you for teaching this wonderful class. I am so happy to have the tools to create a healthy life for myself and my family. The information I received is invaluable. I will definitely recommend this class to my friends".

Part 2:

Ayurvedic Practitioner Program