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Ayurvedic, Ethnic & Specialty Cooking Immersions

What Our Students are Saying...


We are proud of the fact that we source from local farms, organic, raw, wild harvested whenever possible.  We work hard to provide the highest quality ingredients and experience possible!



soups/dhals (spice lentil soups)

vegetable dishes

curries and gravies








dairy dishes



5-Day Immersions Include:

Daily Schedule:

What we make daily:

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Get Ayurveda Foundations downloadable course with Traci Webb FREE when you register for our any of our Ayurvedic cooking immersions. ($108 Value!)

nutrition theory

tradition philosophy

cooking demos

traditional cooking methods

traditional food preparation techniques

proper use of kitchen gadgets & equipment

kitchen comfort skills & safety (cutting techniques, etc.)

meal planning & recipe design

group meal preparation

* Each Class Ends with a Complete Multi-Course Meal!


Joy of Cooking

2018 Calendar of Classes:

"Pitta/Anti-Inflammatory Foods Immersion"

with Traci Webb

June 27-July 1

*(Disount Deadline: 6/18, Deadline: 6/25)

Our summer module will include "Pitta reducing" foods, and special hydrating, anti-inflammatory, rejuvenative recipes, beverages, etc which are strenthening to the liver, skin, eyes, heart and are alkalinizing, hydrating & anti-inflammatory. (See below for details on foods learned)

"Japanese Zen Cooking Immersion"

with Naoko Moller

September 26-30

*(Discount Deadline: Sept 17, Deadline: Sept. 24)

You'll learn basic Japanese cooking as well as the Zen way of eating.  You'll be guiding us in the principles & practices of Zen vegetarian cuisine which is the basis of Japanese cooking. You will learn cooking techniques and use local fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables in ways that enhance the subtle flavors of each ingredient.   We'll also learn about: Japanese food culture, eating manners, philosophy behind Zen vegetarian cooking, Different techniques used in Japanese cooking, & experience "Zen Meals".  Foods we will learn to prepare and enjoy together include:  Traditional soups, soup stocks, sauces, veggies, Japanese fermented foods, Miso-Making,  Cooking with Miso/Koji, Japanese vegetarian protein (tofu-making, Yuba-tofu skin making, cooking with soy beans & soy bean products, Simple Side Dishes, Staple Foods (Japanese short grain rice, Cooking rice & making sushi, rice balls), desserts, and more. 

"Vata/Nourishing Foods Immersion"

with Traci Webb

October 24-28

*(Discount Deadline: Oct 15, Deadline: Oct 22)

These foods are deeply nutrifying to the entire system, including stabilizing to the emotional body and grounding to the nervous system.  They support deep sleep and cellular rejuvenation.  They are considered "Vata reducing" which means they are incredibly hydrating, lubricating, nutritionally dense, and tonifying to blood, muscle, fat, bones and the immune system.  (see below for details on foods learned)

"Kapha/Detox Foods Immersion"

with Traci Webb

March 28-April 1, 2019

*(Discount Deadline:  March 19, Deadline: March 26)

Learn best foods for spring season to assist the body in gentle daily detox of all bodily tissues and organs including liver, gallbladder, kidneys & urinary system, lymph, blood, nerves, fat. 

These foods are "Kapha reducing" which means they are naturally detoxifying, help to burn fat and toxins, reduce water retention and stabilize blood sugar. (see below for foods learned)

For Beginners to Seasoned Professionals...

Everyone is welcomed, whether you seek personal or professional  growth. Learn Ayurvedic cooking techniques for bringing out the best in your food your family and your community.  Discover the healing properties of foods and spices. Learn to easily prepare flavorful meals which digest easily and leave you and your whole family healthy and happy. Discover the JOY OF COOKING, learn AYURVEDIC NUTRITION, MAKE FRIENDS , & EVEN PIONEER A NEW CAREER PATH AS AN AYURVEDIC CHEF or CATERER!


~ We're Spicing Things Up Around Here! ~

“I am so happy to have the tools to create nutritious meals for my family.  The information I received is invaluable.  I would definitely recommend it to my friends. Thank you!" ~Karena Gore

“As crazy as it sounds, I was afraid of food, and definitely afraid of cooking meals. During the program, I learned how to chop and cook vegetables, how to use spices, and how to make meals. I learned to become aware of and appreciative of everything that I put into my body. I now love to cook.” ~ Anne Hoffweber 

“I already cook a lot, so the highlights for me were getting to meet and cook with the other students, eating the delicious food, learning about ayurvedic methods of cooking, spices, and learning Ayurvedic principles as applied to cooking. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and energy! The workshop was fun and inspiring. ” ~ Katie Moore

“I learned so much. I’ve been cooking lots of Ayurvedic food at home and have starting teaching some of the concepts in my cooking class at work too! Hands-on cooking was great.  Learning about the health benefits of each food and each spice. I loved the take-away points Traci gave us (how we can incorporate it into our lives at home). This course was worth my time and money and I would recommend this course to a peer. The Ayurvedic Cooking Immersion exceeded my expectations by a long shot. Not only did I learn about how Indians have used food as medicine for thousands of years, but I got to cook the food myself and enjoy a healing feast every night. We were given all the recipes along with practical advice about how to incorporate the Ayurvedic diet into the Western lifestyle. Since I’ve completed the course, I have changed the way I cook for myself at home (which my friends and family love!), but I have also incorporated what I learned into my professional practice as a dietitian. This is a very educational as well as practical course. And plus, it’s lots of fun!” ~ Tessa Thralls

  • 1-2:30pm:  Nutrition & Philosophy Lecture, Meal Planning & Recipe Development Design
  • 2:30-3:30pm: Cooking Demos, Preparation Techniques, Kitchen Comfort Skills
  • 3:30-6pm: Group Cooking Session - Everyone in the kitchen!
  • 6-6:30pm: Multi-course vegetarian Indian Dinners
  • Clean-up Provided!



“Thank you Traci,  for bringing us all together in a sacred space to prepare beautiful meals and build lovely much needed community. I appreciate you!" ~ Keri Sheppeard

 “I had a blast! Since class, I've been cooking up a storm! I make Yoghurt, milk facials, paneer, subji's, chai's and all kinds of wonderful things! I really enjoyed learning new information about food and nutrition! I've been making ALL kind of food using the 6 taste. It has been the key to making the most wonderful tasting/nourishing food I've ever made! Feeling blessed to have gained such wonderful knowledge! I am hoping to possibly have my mom come out to take it with me again! I think she could really benefit! Plus its just a wonderful over all experience! Also, I really loved the book we got! so many recipes! and sharing the space with everyone! Thanks Traci!!!” ~ Lucy Howell

More from our Students...

Become an Ayurvedic Chef!

Complete all three of our Ayurvedic Cooking Immersion Modules (Vata Pacifying Module, Pitta Pacifying Module, Kapha Pacifying Module), and receive your "Ayurvedic Chef" program certificate of completion from the Institute to become one of the first trained Ayurvedic chefs in the USA!

“Five days filled with exotic spices, food, friends and celebration. Traci shares and teaches healing ayurvedic recipes from her heart with passion and love. This class is not to be missed! ~ Amber Lucero

“Thank you so much Traci! It was wonderful, educational, and delish! Highlight was the meals-obviously!! Meeting new people, feeling all the love from the food while learning of its intelligence and conscious preparation. The notebook of recipes is a must have! The products you sell, Fresh Homemade Paneer, Providing snacks was thoughtful and helped keep the energy up (including all the refreshing beverages)”, -Samantha Dudman-Miller

“There are a long list of course highlights for me! I really enjoyed learning about all the main basic staple foods and how to build my meals around the most important parts. I also really liked learning about food combinations and simple things, that have improved my every meal. I love the cookbook and thought it was great how in the beginning you did more demos so we could learn proper spicing and technique and then on following days were were all assigned dishes so we could make and taste many things. It seemed to work well being able to wonder around when you had a free minute and ask questions about other dishes and learn about them, even if you were not the one cooking.The group was great. It was amazing to have such huge feasts. The course was worth the money I paid to take it. I really loved this course. Being in such a cozy space with beautiful people and learning life changing information, could only be made better by the aromas of this class! From lectures, to new recipes, to the good hands on cooking, to the magnificent feast with the class, this class was very healing to my soul. Thanks!" ~ Ava