Naoko Moller, MA is a Japanese cooking connoisseur. She is a life-long Zen Buddhist chef, born in a Buddhist temple in Japan, and was raised in Hawaii and in Japan in temples.  Naoko conducts Zen Buddhist vegetarian cooking workshops in America and in Japan.  She is an ESL Educator. She obtained a MA degree from Birmingham University, UK, majoring in English as a Second/Foreign Language (ESFL). Studied at Rudolf Steiner College, Sacramento, CA. She operated an English School in Japan for over 20 years. Worked also as a teacher-trainer. Moved to Hawaii and taught Japanese language and Japanese culture at Honolulu Waldorf School.  Naoko administers Hawaii Ohana Bunko, a non-profit bilingual reading group for children.  She is currently producing an on-line English as a second language program and giving Skype lessons for parents and teachers of young learners.  She also conducting Zen Buddhist vegetarian cooking workshops,cultural and educational workshops for parents and teachers both in America and in Japan.  Currently enjoying off-the-grid life in  Northern California with her husband. 

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Traci Webb, AP, PKT, CMT is the Founder and Program Director of the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda in Arcata, Humboldt County, California.  She is the Institute's primary educator and also offers a limited number of Ayurvedic Health Consultations. Traci practices Ayurvedic Medicine, Ayurvedic Life & Health Coaching, Ayurvedic Counseling, Jyotisha Vedic Astrology and is a Certified Panchakarma Practitioner and Therapist, Jyotisha Vedic Astrologer, SVA Pranavidushi Pulse & Marma Therapist and Aromatherapist. She is also a Reiki Practitioner and a California  State Certified Massage Therapist.

Traci is an Ayurveda Activist with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, who believes that Ayurveda philosophy and lifestyle has the power to create a global shift. Traci is currently pioneering the world's first Ayurvedic Health & Life Coach training program (the "Ayurvedic Living Program"). She also trains Ayurvedic Practitioners to be the health leaders of the future, empowering their clients to optimize their health, transform their lives and become the highest expression of themselves. 

Traci began studying Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga in 1991 and is certified through a 2.5 year comprehensive Ayurvedic professional training, as well as with her primary teacher, Vaidya RK Mishra, of the ancient Shakha Vansya lineage whom she studied with for twelve years until his passing in 2017.  Traci began studying Jyotisha in 2003 with Marc Boney through Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Traci has practiced and studied yoga since since 1991 and continues to study with  her yoga teacher to this day. She has been in clinical practice since 1997 offering massage and panchakarma. Traci began teaching ayurveda,  massage, yoga, aromatherapy, facials, moon medicine and leading women's groups in 2000. 

She is an NCBTMB nationally approved continuing education provider.  Traci is a past member of the Board of Directors for CAAM (California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine) and is currently a professional level Ayurvedic Practitioner member of NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association).

She is the author of several Ayurvedic texbooks including Ayurvedic Living, Ayurvedic Massage Manual, Aromatherapy Training Manual, and Ayurvedic Assessment Manual. Traci has relocated from the hustle of Orange County to her favorite part of California - Humboldt County, where she lives her Ayurvedic lifestyle dream in the redwood forest with her husband, and the amazing Humboldt healing community!

Amy Ogle, DPCA, is a graduate of the Oregon Culinary Institute with a diploma in culinary arts. She is the Institute's western culinary expert and she teaches cutting skills and kitchen safety for the Institute's Ayurvedic Cooking Immersions. In Amy's own words, "It wasn't until I traveled through Spain that I really fell in love with food. I returned to California with a need to produce and felt really lucky to get hired as the sauté cook at The Larrupin Cafe. After a three year stint I decided to fully immerse myself by moving to Portland, Oregon and attending school at The Oregon Culinary Institute. While there I worked for a traditional foods company specializing in bone broth and kombucha, extending my knowledge and love for fermentation. While I was apprehensive about moving back to Humboldt County, being a part of this amazing community, with fresh and organic ingredients, has always felt like home to me. I'm still excited about learning and happy to be working with the Northwest School of Ayurveda." 

Shemaia Skywater, is a yogini, musician, chef and bhakti with more than three decades of yoga practice and teaching experience.  She has been a student of various yogic paths over the years including Anusara Yoga since 2001 and completed the Inner Freedom Yoga Immersion and Training in 2008, as well as the Inner Freedom Yoga Level 2 and Yoga Therapy trainings.  She also has spent twenty-five years exploring music as a healing force and sampling the healing music and movement of many ancient traditions, and two decades learning, exploring practicing, researching, and receiving training in sound healing modalities and therapeutics through sound. She is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound healing events producer, body worker, and aromatherapy student. She loves breathing ocean air, swimming in rivers, dancing tango and fusion partner dance, cooking Ayurvedic yumminess and jamming with friends. She especially loves the practices of the bhakti tradition including altar creation,  and leading kirtans, which she does regularly at Omshala Yoga in Arcata, California. Shemaia is mother of three and friend to all. 

Malvika Takvorian-Mishra

Guest Instructor:

Ayurvedic Living Program

Jennifer Wiest, AP is the founder of Madre Illumination Healing and fomulator of Amrita Botanicals Aromatic Ayurveda Product line. Jennifer discovered her Ayurvedic path by studying Yoga.  She graduated from the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda's first graduating class from the Ayurvedic Living Program and eventually from NIA's Ayurvedic Practitioner Practitioner  in 2010.  She is Certified in Aromatherapy through Floracopeia.   Jennifer is a mother of three and enjoys working in the community where she offers Ayurvedic facials and shirodhara treatments. 

Melina Takvorian-Mishra, PhD holds an inter-disciplinary PhD from Columbia University (2005) but has been an avid student and researcher of Vedic sciences and Sanskrit since 1986. In 2003 she and Vaidya R.K. Mishra established Shaka Vansiya ayurvedic companies for education and pranic formulations. She has organized numerous ayurvedic conferences, co-authored articles and videos with Vaidya and remains devoted to the dissemination of SV Ayurveda . She currently runs the Prana Center in Chatsworth CA. 

What our Graduates are saying...

"To say that the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda has transformed my life would be an understatement. I came to Ayurveda broken, fragile and scared. I emerged happy, healthy and confident. From the bottom of my heart, I highly recommend all of the NIA programs."~ Anne Hoffweber, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Living Program & Ayurvedic Practitioner Program Graduate, Founder of Lunar Shakti Healing

"Ayurveda...has completely changed my life or maybe it set it on its proper course. I am so grateful."

"I could write a novel about everything I learned in the Ayurvedic Living Program.  The love, support and intimate experience that I had in all of the NIA programs would be impossible to get in larger schools. There were lifelong bonds formed among the teachers and students. On a regular basis we laughed, cried, sang, cooked, chanted, dreamed and held space for each other."