Discover Your Ayurvedic Constitution, Unearth Your Values, The Role of Your "Doshas", How to Live an Authentic Ayurvedic Lifestyle which includes Evolving Your Habits, Sections on Daily, Nightly & Seasonal Routines, as well as Ayurveda Lifestyle and Nutrition for Women, Children and Pregnancy

Harness the Power of Ayurveda Philosophy, Dive Deep Into Ayurveda Core Concepts,  Discover Cosmic Design & Your Place in It. Unlock Your Limiting Beliefs

Ayurvedic Nutrition 1: How to Eat & Cook for Balance, & Understanding Your Relationship with Food, Learn Ayurvedic Nutrition, 6 Tastes, Food Energetics, Food Combining, Macro- & Micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals, pre- & pro-biotics). Take an in-depth look at digestion and recipes and practices to heal your gut. Begin Exploring Your Relationship with Food. 

Ayurvedic Nutrition 2: What to Eat & Healing Your Relationship with Food. What to Eat every day to stabilize your emotions & strengthen each bodily tissue. Optimal Foods & Preparation Methods for each "dosha". Ayurvedic view of different diets: meat, dairy/vegan, vegetarian, raw, gluten-free, fasting, etc.


Manage Your Time Instead of It Managing You!  Become the Creator of your Ayurveda Lifestyle by Design, Create a Lifestyle Your love which supports your health and emotional nourishment,   Relationship Between Physical & Emotional Health Will be Explored in Detail

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"Ayurveda Foundations & Nutrition"

February 5 - June 28, 2020


Your 5-Month "Ayurveda Foundations & Nutrition" Transformation Includes:

✷ Deepen your ayurvedic knowledge & tool chest
✷ Anchor into the nourishing daily routines of Ayurveda and Yoga
✷ Explore Your Ayurvedic Constitution and Design Your Ayurveda Lifestyle Dream
✷ Clarify your life vision & set fulfilling goals in alignment with your deeper calling
✷ Evolve your relationship with food and your lifestyle choices
✷ Manage your time instead of it managing you
✷ Learn transformational life-coaching skills, habit psychology & mindset practices
✷ Get the kind of ongoing caring community support & one-on-one professional guidance you need to take your health, life and career to the next level

Ayurveda Self-Care Immersion

(in-person or downloadable options)

Professional Monthly 1-on-1 Ayurveda Coaching Sessions

Ayurveda Cooking Class

5-Week Group Detox

Dharma Project

(for those wanting to expand into their destiny by setting a bold intention in a particular area of their life in need of BIG HEALING & TRANSFORMATION such as: Health, Career, Finance, Time-Management, Core Relationships, Love Relationships, Clarity of Purpose, Self-Esteem and more...)

Monthly Community Clinics

Ayurveda Assessment Skills Immersion

(pulse, face, tongue, etc)

Aromatic Product Making Immersion

Ayurveda Coaching Internship


Trainings are offered online &/or in-person at our Ayurveda healing center in Arcata, Humboldt County, Northern California.

2020 Training Dates:

"Ayurveda Foundations & Nutrition" training:  February 5 - June 24, 2020


Weekly Online Class & Mastermind (one afternoon a week)

Weekly Video Lessons

Monthly Clinic & Self-Care Day (one weekend a month)

Downloadable PDFs, Self-Discovery Assignments & Workbook (included)

* All classes are recorded for you to access any time. 

"The Ayurvedic Life Mastery  trainings at the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda have been an incredible experience and have changed my outlook on life forever.  They have helped me to understand myself, my relationships, and the world in a whole new way. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and feel prepared to meet the mental, spiritual, and emotional challenges of life with love, compassion, and understanding. Thank you NIA for this invaluable experience." ~ AF

"What I love the most about Ayurveda is not only the tools and knowledge I now possess, but the fact that by doing all these things for myself, I have really let my body know that I honor it and love it." ~ AA

The Ayurveda Life Mastery trainings have been such an wonderful point of focus to orient my life around. They have been an anchor in staying connected to myself and my dreams. They have offered some great tools that have inspired action to my goals and have aided in bringing greater clarity to my vision and my vision of the world. I am grateful for the community they have offered, and feel blessed to be able to connect with like minded individuals. I do love the ability to approach the material on our own schedules via the online course. I LOVE the program and what we are doing in it. Thank you Traci for the experience. ~ NH

"I have learned and applied so many life tools and knowledge during these courses and into my life. They have strengthened my personal and work relationships, as well as, my relationship with myself. I have brought spiritual practices into my life and sustained them through the support and guidance of these courses. I am so happy that Ayurveda is in my life and always will be!" Jennifer Wiest ~ Madre Illumination Healing & Amrita Botanicals, Ayurveda Life Mastery trainings graduate

"Your class opened up a whole new world for me. It was a world I didn’t even know existed or believed was possible. Before I found your classes I had this constant feeling of searching that had been overwhelming me for quite sometime. I felt I was searching for something but I didn’t know what it was. I was feeling so unfulfilled. Looking back on it now I know I was searching for my path, I just didn’t know what it was yet. Your classes have helped me to find this path. I have since embarked on a path of self healing and exploration beyond anything I ever thought possible. I have found myself and it will always be due to the fact that I found you and your classes and all the wonderful friends I made there. Thank you so much Traci for everything you do and everything you are". ~ AG, Ayurveda Life Mastery trainings graduate and Ayurveda Herbalist trainings graduate

"Hi Traci, I have some exciting news to share with you!...a new friend contacted me…She offered me a position coaching alongside 2-3 other certified holistic health coaches for a 6 month program…This is all happening so fast, but it is exactly what I asked for…I wanted to share this with you, as you are my teacher and I am so incredibly grateful for the energy and work you share with us!  Of course I'm a little nervous, but taking baby steps to accomplish these new goals. A lot of these tasks are new to me, so I'm pulling out all the stops and utilizing every productivity tool you've introduced me to. The community you've brought together is the most uplifting and supportive group anyone could ever ask for. Deepest gratitude & full moon blessings" ~ MH"  Ayurveda Life Mastery trainings student

'These courses were much better than all the expectations I had because they go much more deep in a lot of aspects of life that I was not realizing before. All the powerful information changed my life in a wonderful way. I can now recognize every sign that my body gives me so I can take care of myself and the people around me in a very deep way.  So powerful and amazing. I have amazing skills to face my life.  I feel really motivated and empowered." ~ Ayurveda Life Mastery trainings graduate

"These classes helped me to understand myself, others and life in general much more deeply. Traci is a great teacher, wonderful mentor and a supportive friend. "~ Jackson Scott, Ayurvceda Life Mastery trainings graduate

“Being Part of the Ayurveda Life Mastery trainings have been a joy and a wonderful personal growth opportunity. Ayurveda touches so many aspects of life; health, happiness, spirituality, nutrition, lifestyle, connection with nature and community, the list goes on and on. Learning with this group has been a beautiful experience and I look forward to sharing the knowledge with others into the future.” Valerie Allen, Ayurveda Life Mastery trainings graduate

"I feel better now because of initiating new habits and routines, paying more attention to my body and mind and having a new way to understand and treat them." ~ Ayurveda Life Mastery trainings graduate

"I recommend these trainings to anyone who is interested in Ayurveda and wants to learn more about nurturing and empowering oneself.  The combination of in-class and online makes the program easily accessible. I learned a deep knowledge of Ayurveda and myself and made great friends along the way. " ~ Amber Lucero, Ayurveda Life Mastery trainings graduate, & Ayurveda Herbalist trainings graduate

"I feel more confident in who I am. I feel like I undertand the world, the people around me, and my relationships in a whole new way. Thank you Traci for an amazing experience and your love you offer to all of us." NH, Ayurveda Life Mastery trainings graduate

"My emotional health has improved drastically. Learning the power of my thoughts and actions as well as diet has on my emotional well being is profound. I feel less reactive, judgemental and more empowered to have control over my mind. I feel more tuned in to how everything affects my body. I feel more connected and have better physical health and digestion. I received more knowledge than I expected and tools to help along this path. It changed the way I look at life. I enjoyed every part of the journey." ~ Ayurveda Life Mastery trainings graduate

"These trainings are life changing and you have made it so accessible and easy to stay connected and involved. I really appreciate the support and kindness of Traci and the students too!" ~ Ayurveda Life Mastery trainings graduate

"I am loving the Ayurveda Life Mastery trainings. They have helped me become my own healer. The trainings are helping heal my body-mind-spirit and stabilize into a new level consciousness. I appreciate the community and the timely information. I've benefited from the emphasis on self care. I will share the Ayurvedic and life coaching knowledge with others in my life that show interest and will continue to explore and incorporate these practices into my life after the trainings have ended." ~ Ayurveda Life Mastery trainings student

"To say that the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda has transformed my life would be an understatement.  I came to Ayurveda broken, fragile and scared. I emerged happy, healthy and confident. From the bottom of my heart, I highly recommend all of the NIA programs." ~ A.H., Ayurveda Life MasteryTM trainings graduate & Ayurvedic Herbalist trainings graduate

“I could write a novel about everything I learned in the Ayurveda Life Mastery trainings.  The love, support and intimate experience that I had in all of the NIA programs would be impossible to get in larger schools. There were lifelong bonds formed among the teachers and students. On a regular basis we laughed, cried, sang, cooked, chanted, dreamed and held space for each other.”  ~AF, Ayurveda Life Mastery trainings graduate & Ayurveda Herbalist trainings graduate

"I am so very grateful to have found Ayurveda. I love everything about it. Nothing has ever felt so right to me. This is exactly where I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to be doing...having this background and tools to use allows me to truly take care of my patients and I am so grateful to be able to use this to help people." ~ AG, Ayurveda Life Master trainings graduate & Ayurveda Herbalist trainings graduate



($1,500 deposit today

then $200/month for 5 months)

Ready to Ignite Transformation

for Yourself and Others?

Overextended serial-givers, moms, yogis, wellness pros, & self-improvement junkies, are you tired of never having enough time, space & energy at the end of the day to give to yourself? 

Are you a multi-passionate serial-giver who longs to create the radiant health you know you need and deserve in order to be of greater service to yourself, your family & community?

Wanna Really Make a Difference Not Just a Living?

Our trainings are fully designed to help you first heal yourself, then pass it on!  Many of our students choose to share what they learn while in class with family, friends, clients and community.  Others wait until they are stronger.  There's no right or wrong.  There's just what's right for you!

Ayurveda Life Mastery

"Ayurveda Foundations & Nutrition"

We offer two different non-sequential Ayurveda Life Mastery trainings:

* "Ayurveda Foundations & Nutrition" (see below)

*  "Ayurveda Psychology, Herbs & Detox"

Each training consists of 5-monthly modules covering a variety of topics.