Welcome to the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda's 

3-Day Ayurveda Pulse & Marma Immersion with Traci Webb.

Learn the most powerful Ayurvedic tool to heal yourself

& discover your client’s deeper bodily & emotional needs.

Enjoy both Discussion, Demos & Hands-on Practice of


In-Depth 9 Level Pulse Assessment Through SVAyurveda Pulse

Understanding Marma Therapy

SVA Marma Therapy Session Partner Practice

Use of SVA transdermal herbals for marma therapy and pulse assessment

Self-Healing Through the Pulse

this is the special pulse lineage taught to Traci by her teacher

Students Will Learn to Discern:

current state of physical health

 current emotional challenges

mental tendencies

spiritual inclinations


state of imbalance

health of bodily tissues

balance of subdoshas

state of channels

types of toxins (ama) present

state of agni/digestive health

health of bodily organs

special SVAyurveda lineage therapy Marma Points of self-healing through the pulse

how to read pulses at a distance


August 16-18, 2019

Offered:  Limited to 12 Students.

In-person & Online Live-Streamed for those at a distance


This immersion is only offered every several years.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of this rare opportunity to study hands-on pulse in-person with Traci Webb, to get to ask questions, and to learn the special lineage secrets of the Shakha Vansya Ayurveda lineage pulse.


$375 by 8/15/19 


What Our Students Are Saying... 

"Don't miss out on an opportunity to spend time with Traci while she immerses you in Ayurvedic lifestyle medicine, her specialty and my favorite aspect of the Ayurvedic canon. Love you Traci!" ~ S.R.

“To say that the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda has transformed my life would be an understatement.  I came to Ayurveda broken, fragile and scared. I emerged happy, healthy and confident. From the bottom of my heart, I highly recommend all of the NIA programs.” ~ A.H.

"Thank you for teaching this wonderful class. I am so happy to have the tools to create a healthy life for myself and my family. The information I received is invaluable. I will definitely recommend this class to my friends"

"Want to be inspired and learn to heal yourself, and others, and transform? Take this two day class...This class changed my life a few years ago. Traci Webb will show you how to heal yourself, and provide a deeper understanding of yourself, and this world. (This promo is fully self-inspired because I want this for everyone!)" ~ J.G.

"I had such a wonderful time during the Ayurvedic Self-Care Immersion...my cheeks became sore from smiling! Words are difficult to describe how much I cherish your commitment to sharing the wisdom of Ayurveda. You are able to convey the gifts & knowledge of the Ancients, then, with ease, humor & grace, you teach us how to modify them to meet our own individual needs.  How amazing is that! Thank you again for your sustained encouragemet, validation & support. You are such a treasure , & your generosity ripples beyond measure." ~ M.L.