Awaken the Goddess Within



Module 1:

Woman Know Thyself

Module 3:

Bending Time

Module 2:

Future Visioning

Module 5:

Unearth Your Power

Module 6:

Step Into Your Power

Module 4:

Guru Within

Module 9:

Assimilation & Conclusion

Module 8:

Healing Your Heart 2

Module 7:

Healing Your Heart 1


Shaktified! TM 

You’re a passionate, creative, conscious woman who has spent years working on your health, relationships, personal, and spiritual growth.  Yet you still feel the painful and confusing gap between the potential that you sense for your life and your ability to manifest it. . .

Module Details

Ayurveda Women's Self-Empowerment

& Life Coaching Program

Healing Beliefs & Mindset...

  • Explore the landscape of your current beliefs
  • Move "Beyond Beliefs" and "pull the weeds" which stand in your way of clear perception
  • Discover which belief seeds the way to bringing your highest expressions to fruition
  • Plant foundational mindset seeds which activate the powerful woman you are becoming


April 4, 2018 - January 19, 2019

Pre-recorded Video Lessons

Uploaded weekly to bimonthly where Ayurveda Feminine Empowerment Mastery core teachings and practices are covered.

Weekly Live Group Training/Coaching with Shaktified! Co-Creator Traci Webb & our Luminary Co-Leaders

The core of the program will be a weekly 1.5-2-hour live online group sessions with Your Shaktified! Guide Traci Webb and your Shaktified! Luminary Co-Leaders (see below). These sessions will include training and group coaching.  Sessions will be recorded and made available to program participants within 48 hours. (Meets:  1st, 2nd & 3rd Wednesdays of the month, 6-7:30/8pm PST)

Monthly Group "Retreats" with Traci

To further enhance your learning, you’ll participate in exclusive half-day monthly Group Mentoring Sessions with Traci at our Arcata center (or live-streamed to your living room). (Meets: 3rd Saturday of month from 2-5pm PST.)

Optional:  Bimonthly Yoga Session & Sister Circles - live for locals (sister circles are live-streamed to your living room for distance learners) - Starts in June

Weekly Small "Dharma Group" Circles/Masterminds (Optional: for "Dharma Project" support or anyone wanting deeper connection and support)

You will have the option of meeting weekly with your "Dharma Group" to support eachother and pursue your personal Dharma Project. Dharma Groups may be based upon specific areas where you want to create breakthroughs, such as Health and Happiness, Loving Relationships, Entrepreneurship & Career, Leadership, or Creativity. (Meets:  Day/Time to-be-determined by each Dharma Group.)

Vibrant Online Community

In addition to these weekly and monthly sessions, you’ll engage in your vibrant Ayurveda Women's Life Mastery online community of women. This online community is the central meeting place where you can respond to the practice and reflection questions provided, read the responses of other participants, and support one another to go even further with manifesting your dreams into reality. 

Reading Material

The suggested reading material will be listed in your online learning portal.  

Module 1:  Woman Know Thyself

Module 2: Future Visioning

Module 3: Bending Time

Goals, Time Management & "Manifesting"

  • Creating Physical Structure to Support your deeper Dharmic Dreams
  • Mastering the art of slowing down time
  • Beginning to witness the abundance of time flowing into your life to enjoy more of your deeper desires, callings and playtime activities
  • Learning to step up and orchestrating time to flow in service of your deeper dharma
  • Developing a love affair with time
  • Move from Confusion to MASTERY!

Ayurveda Lifestyle Design, Goals & Dharma

  • Discover your deeper dharma & soul-actualization needs
  • Become aware of the "volunteers" of your mind - cultural, societal and familial values
  • Release old patterns which no longer serve your highest self-actualization needs
  • Embrace new mental patterns which nurture who it is you are becoming
  • Shine the light of awareness onto the needs of your future self
  • Step into clarity of purpose
  • Lay the foundation for your "goals" and soul actualization needs.
  • *Includes a 1-Day in-person "Moon Medicine Workshop" with Traci (can be live-streamed)

Finding Your Voice & Presencing Yourself

  • Expanding your experience of what it means to be empowered
  • The power of the spoken word
  • Key Power Words
  • Power centers of listening and speaking
  • Power of embodied presence
  • Learning to wield your power with love, confidence and purpose

Module 6: Step Into Your Power

Confidence & Becoming Your Own Best Friend...

  • You are who you've been waiting for
  • Unearth your superpowers
  • Witnessing your resulting confidence arise within you naturally
  • You are beginning to find a deep reserve of your authentic power
  • Carrying your power with you wherever you go
  • Learning to trust and rely on yourself

Module 5: Unearth Your Power

Intuition, Environment & Inner GPS...

  • Clear your environmental and emotional clutter ("ama")
  • Group "home environment detox"
  • Learning to ask ourselves
  • Practicing listening to ourselves
  • Developing faith and trust in yourself
  • Learning to rely on yourself
  • Women and co-creation model
  • Learn to connect more deeply with your inner and outer world

Module 4:  Guru Within

Module 9:

Assimilation & Conclusion

Dharma Project

  • OPTIONAL DHARMA PROJECT - is for those wanting to expand into their destiny by setting a bold intention to step into their dharma and manifest BIG in a particular area of their life such as Health & Happiness, Loving Relationships, Career & Leadership, and Creativity.
  • Create a "Dharma Dream Project" to support the vision of your soul's actualization dreams in the area of your life which is most in need of nourishment and revitalization.
  • "Dharma Group":  You will have the option to join a "Dharma Group" which meets weekly to support and co-create their individual "Dharma Projects"

9 Months to a Total Life Transformation!

Move from Confusion to Mastery!

Combining the best of ancient & modern life mastery skills & mindset...

Module 7: Healing Your Heart I

Healing Our Core Relationships...

  • discovering the power of crucial conversations
  • exploring your relationship types
  • exploring your relational strengths and weaknesses
  • beginning to strengthen those weaknesses through trial and improvement with our core familial ties
  • optional exploration of the healing potential with "heart-goal" in sight

Module 8: Healing Your Heart 2

Healing Our Love Relationships...

  • Sun-Moon Psychology and the dynamic play of masculine & feminine
  • Discover what's been standing in your way of finding and keeping the partner of your dreams
  • If you are already in a relationship, you will learn and implement upleveling your current relationship from the inside out

Program Details: 

Ayurveda Women's Life Mastery Experience:

 Students who complete Ayurveda Women's Life Mastery Program will have the option to continue on into the Ayurveda Life Coaching Program to develop a career in guiding other women through this 8-step life tranforming process. 

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Payment Plan Options:

Students may pay in full or in four payment plans. Payment plans include a $50/month service fee.

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    Annual Membership to Ayurveda+Yoga Lifestyle Transformation, along with Shaktified! constitutes a complete system for total life transformation over 12 months. 

    Ayurveda+Yoga Lifestyle Transformation Bonus includes:


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    "Thanks for your care, I feel better than I ever thought possible".

    "Not only am I feeling amazing, but my whole family is too!  Thank you for all your support and guidance."  

    "Thank you for teaching this wonderful class. I am so happy to have the tools to create a healthy life for myself and my family. The information I received is invaluable. I will definitely recommend this class to my friends".

    Ayurveda Life Coaching:


    Traci Webb

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    to a thriving community of women leading change on the planet

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