Aromatic Training Covers:

Learn to use over 125 Western & Exotic Essential Oils & Resins for healing and living your aromatic lifestyle or career at the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda's annual in-person Aromatherapy Training at our center in Arcata, California, in Humboldt County.

Enjoy a Group Essential Oil & Hydrosol Distillation which we'll use to make our aromatic products.

Make over 25 Aromatic Products together in class which you'll take home.  These products can be used for self-care, beauty and home aromatic lifestyle use.

Oils You'll Learn Include:

Oils for Women's Issues, Skin Issues & Beauty oils

Oils for relieving muscular & nerve pain, spasm, tension, headaches

Circulatory & Lymphatic Flushing Oils

Respiratory Oils & Conifers for Colds, Coughs & Flus

Antiseptic Use for Preventing Colds/Coughs & Cleaning Your Home

Nervines, Citrus, Digestive Oils & Spices

Florals & Special oils to heal Your Emotional Heart & Overcome Addictions

Resins, Woods & Sacred Scents used in ceremony around the world with group ceremony

Perfumery Basics - includingAncient & Modern High Perfume Oils

Which aromatics are the most sought after in the world and why? 

What You'll Learn:

Immersion 1:  September 7-8, 2019

(History, Safety, Usage, Dilution, Aromatic Plants, Distillation Methods, Hands-on Essential Oil Distillation)

Saturday:  Aromatherapy history, safety, plant families & aromatic molecules, application techniques, ancient and modern distillation methods, suggested reading and supply resources

Sunday:  Hands-on Essential Oil and Hydrosol Distillation. We will be distilling 2-3 oils in class together for students to take home using both professional equipment as well as equipment you have in your kitchen.

Immersion 2:  September 14-15, 2019  

(Respiratories, Pain Relivers, Digestives, Spices, Citrus, Women's Oils, Product Making)

Saturday:  Essential oils & carrier products for: reducing Kapha & Vata, Respiratory & Antiseptic usage (colds, coughs, flus and diffysing into the home/office environment to prevent seasonal flus), Pain relieving oils (muscles, anti-inflammatory, headaches),  Spices & Oils for Improving Digestive Complaints & Circulation, Women's Oils -  PMS, Menopause, Hormone Balancing, Pregnancy, Children, Proper use of Citrus oils

Sunday:  Hands-on product making of 10 aromatic lifestyle products related to the categories covered on Saturday (such as pain salve, pain roll-on, household cleaner, aromatic salt scrub, body butter, massage oil, etc.)

Immersion 3:  September 21-22, 2019  

(Skin, Beauty, Sacred Scents, Nervines, Florals, Resins, Woods, Perfumery, Product Making)

Satuday:  Essential oils & carriers products for: reducing Pitta, Oils for healing specific Skin Problems, Beautification & Anti-ageing, Nervines - essential oils & hydrosols for healing the nervous system and emotional heart, Sacred Scents, Resins & Woods used in cermony around the world, Perfumery & Aromatic Product Formulating Basics, Florals

Sunday:  Hands-on product making of 10 aromatic lifestyle products related to the categories covered on Saturday (such as facial moisturizer, nightly facial serum, aromatic lipbalm, resin salve, perfume roll-on, perfume spray, etc)


Dates:  September 7-8, 2019

September 14-15 2019

September 21-22, 2019

(take one or all three immersions for a discount!)

Times: 9am-5pm (Lunch: 12-1:30pm)

Includes:  Downloadable Aromatherapy Workbook

(workbook only covers material for the immersion you register for)



ONE IMMERSION:  $349 (Public)  /  $275 (ALM & AH Students - see below)

Ayurveda Life MasteryTM & Ayurveda Herbalist  students get the 1st Immersion of this series for free, then pay: $275/immersion thereafter, or get the last two immersions for $499

Bundle Discount:

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SAVE $100 Additional ($248 Total!) 

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"To say that the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda has transformed my life would be an understatement.  I came to Ayurveda broken, fragile and scared. I emerged happy, healthy and confident. From the bottom of my heart, I highly recommend all of the NIA programs." ~ A.H., Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurveda Life Mastery (formerly Ayurvedic Living Program) & Ayurveda Herbalist trainings  Graduate

"Thank you for teaching this Ayurvedic Self-Care Immersion class. I am so happy to have the tools to create a healthy life for myself and my family. The information I received is invaluable. I will definitely recommend this class to my friends"

"I am so happy to have the tools to create nutritious meals for my family.  The information I received is invaluable.  I would definitely recommend it to my friends. Thank you!" ~K.G.

"The Ayurveda Herbalist trainings has provided me with many valuable skills that I use both in my personal and work life.  After completing the Ayurveda Life Mastery and Ayurvedic Practitioner Program, I developed the confidence to launch an Integrative Health Program at my work place. I now offer holistic consults, and prepare personal ayurvedic herbal formulas for to my patients. I have an active practice in medicine as a Nurse Practitioner in a Community Health Center and am required to see 16-20 patients per day addressing simple and complex health problems. I have studied many alternative health modalities over the years, but my knowledge of Ayurveda has allowed me to identify and treat the dosha out of balance and look more deeply at the root issues. The program gave me a plethora of practical knowledge that I continue to utilize in my practice."  ~  L.H., Ayurvedic Practitoner, Ayurveda Life Mastery (formerly Ayurvedic Living Program) & Ayurveda Herbalist trainings Graduate, Arcata, CA 

"Don't miss out on an opportunity to spend time with Traci while she immerses you in Ayurvedic lifestyle medicine, her specialty and my favorite aspect of the Ayurvedic canon. Love you Traci!" ~ S.R., (Ayurvedic Self-Care Immersion & Ayurveda Life Mastery)

"Thank you for offering this class. I am so excited to get this glimpse into this beautiful system. I feel this body of knowledge to be what I have been searching for. Thank you so much!" ~ J.L.

"Not only am I feeling amazing, but my whole family is too!  Thank you for all your support and guidance."  

"I could write a novel about everything I learned in the Ayurveda Life Mastery. The love, support and intimate experience that I had in all of the NIA programs would be impossible to get in larger schools. There were lifelong bonds formed among the teachers and students. On a regular basis we laughed, cried, sang, cooked, chanted, dreamed and held space for each other."

"As crazy as it sounds, I was afraid of food, and definitely afraid of cooking meals. During the program, I learned how to chop and cook vegetables, how to use spices, and how to make meals. I learned to become aware of and appreciative of everything that I put into my body. I now love to cook."~ A.H.

"I already cook a lot, so the highlights for me were getting to meet and cook with the other students, eating the delicious food, learning about ayurvedic methods of cooking, spices, and learning Ayurvedic principles as applied to cooking. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and energy! The workshop was fun and inspiring." ~ K.M.

"I learned so much. I've been cooking lots of Ayurvedic food at home and have starting teaching some of the concepts in my cooking class at work too! Hands-on cooking was great.  Learning about the health benefits of each food and each spice. I loved the take-away points Traci gave us (how we can incorporate it into our lives at home). This course was worth my time and money and I would recommend this course to a peer. The Ayurvedic Cooking Immersion exceeded my expectations by a long shot. Not only did I learn about how Indians have used food as medicine for thousands of years, but I got to cook the food myself and enjoy a healing feast every night. We were given all the recipes along with practical advice about how to incorporate the Ayurvedic diet into the Western lifestyle. Since I've completed the course, I have changed the way I cook for myself at home (which my friends and family love!), but I have also incorporated what I learned into my professional practice as a dietitian. This is a very educational as well as practical course. And plus, it's lots of fun!" ~ T.T.